PMC Mag Well

3 650 ₽
Магазиноприемник PMC совместим с Tempest, MILSIG PMC mag, ZetaMag
  • Производитель: MILSIG
  • Артикул: UUK-031
  • Наличие: В наличии
  • Единица: шт
  • Вес: 0.150
Описание Отзывы Изображения
  • Engineered from the ground up to adapt the most adopted magazine system in the paintball world, the Pistol Magazine Platform. This well allows you to use your existing MILSIG Tempest, MILSIG PMC Magazines, and the ZetaMag in one of MagFed's most popular platforms, the M17.

    The MILSIG PMC Well is extremely ergonomic, offering both an ambidextrous paddle, and an extended right hand paddle that can be index released. 

    The integrated retainer system adapts the headless Tempest,  MILSIG 8 round PMC mag, or ZetaMag to feed perfectly, without dropping the remaining rounds that do not enter the breech.  

    Constructed from high grade polymers, the PMC well is durable, and extremely light weight. 

    The PMC Well fits the following markers, without modification:

    • Paradigm Pro
    • M-Elite
    • ParaLite
    • M17 DMR
    • M17 XDC
    • M17 CQC
    • MILSIG Anniversary Edition CQC


    PLEASE NOTE: Tippman Tru Feed (7 and 12 round) magazines will require modification to work with the MILSIG PMC well.

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