Ствол MARKSMAN PRO Micro Barrel

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Ствол MARKSMAN PRO Micro Barrel
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  • MARKSMAN PRO Micro Barrel


    Next generation of Marksman barrels comes with NEW aggressive rifling which increases gyroscopic stabilisation and with more tight (.686") bore size for better air efficiency. It is optimal barrel for First Strikes or paintballs.

    It fits all MILSIG markers or any other A5 threaded markers.

    GRIZEN MARKSMAN PRO Micro barrel is 175mm long - sized for CQB shroud. 




    MARKSMAN PRO Micro barrel specification:

    • A5 threaded base

    • Double length metric tip threading (no more pesky set screws)

    • 7/8" Outer Diameter

    • Precision rifled .686 Inner Bore

    • 175mm length

    • Thread protector included

    • Threaded Jam collar included

    First Strike ready!

    New generation of Marksman PRO barrels have been designed

    especially for shaped projectiles. Aggressive rifling provides 

    optimal gyroscopic stabilisation of shot projectile. .686 bore size 

    guarantee better accuracy and air efficiency.

    • Precision made

    • Polished

    • Rifled

    • .686 inner bore




    New GRIZEN Marksman barrels are compatible with full range of MILSIG, PSIOPS and GRIZEN  barrel accessories.

    • Milsig Muzzle brakes

    • Milsig Silencer

    • Psiops Muzzle brakes

    • Milsig Barrel Backs

    • GRIZEN Marksman Barrel backs


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