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Маркер MILSIG M17 SMG+10 магазинов PMC

41 990 ₽ 47 990 ₽
Маркер MILSIG M17 SMG+10 магазинов PMC
  • Производитель: MILSIG
  • Артикул: MA-PB28
  • Наличие: Под заказ 2-4 недели
  • Гарантия: 12
  • Единица: шт
  • Вес: 3.300
Описание Отзывы Изображения
  • Технические характеристики:

    • Length (with node/13ci Installed): 669.22 mm
    • Length (with remote fitting installed): 530.82 mm
    • Length (fully collapsed): 480 mm
    • Weight: 5.2lbs
    • Firing modes: Semi Auto, Full Auto (Mechanical)
    • Rate of fire: 12.5 Balls per second
    • Engine type: Regulated Blow Forward

    Комплект поставки:

    • M17 SMG marker
    • 2 x 8 round magazine with joiner
    • Basic parts and maintenance kit
    • Barrel plug
    • Polymer flip up sights

    Внимание Zetmag не входит в комплект поставки, приобретается отдельно.

    The M17 CQC set a trend for how small a high performance MagFed marker can be. The M17 SMG will again break the barriers of how small of a package you thought a mechanical full-auto marker can be.

    The M17 SMG is based on the HeatCore™ engine that is well known for its simple maintenance, reliability and unparalleled cold weather performance. Adding to this simplicity, the HeatCore™ has gained one more step of modularity by encasing the markers in an independent core shell that operates on a standalone level from the SMG body. This is one more step towards simple tech bench maintenance and fine tuning. As holds true with the M17 line, the M17 SMG comes with a factory mechanical full-auto feature that is calibrated with only a single screw. 
    Adding to new features, the M17 SMG comes packaged with the new MILSIG Hybrid Collapsible Stock that allows use of either a remote fitting OR 13 cubic inch tank. Gone are the days of being stuck with that old and tired CAR stock. This stock includes a structured remote line adapter that allows the use of any 1/8" NPT air nipple, as well as a spacer piece to allow the use of almost any 13 cubic inch tank.
    For additional comfort and ergonomics, the M17 SMG comes with our all new ergonomic pistol grip, as well as an all new ambidextrous safety selector switch.

    The M17 SMG includes an all new 8 round magazine non-locking magazine. This magazine is designed as a low cost option for users that desire fantastic feeding of FirstStrike rounds. Adding to the benefits, the 8 round SMG magazine can join together with an included joiner kit to double the capacity attached to your marker. The M17 SMG is fully compatible with Generation 3 Zetamags, as well as Generation 2 Zetamags after a very minor 30 second modification.

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